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      Liposuction is a popular procedure undergone by both men and
      women alike to remove excess fluid and fat from the body. It's primarily done
      for aesthetic reasons although it can treat certain medical conditions like
      lipodystrophy (inability of the body to metabolize fat
      properly) Dezmen
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      , gynecomastia (enlargement of the male breasts)
      and lipomas (fatty tumors).

      If performed by an experienced doctor,
      liposuction is very safe. The only point to remember is that it isn't a
      substitute for weight loss. Rather, it should be undergone to reshape areas of
      the body that have stubborn fat deposits. Doctors advise that the procedure
      should be considered in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet and

      A few decades ago, liposuction was performed using only tubes
      and cannulas to remove fat. Now, however, the procedure has become more
      non-invasive and much safer which has increased its popularity. Have a look at
      the techniques employed today.


      Laser-assisted liposuction is a revolutionary procedure that
      relies on laser to liquefy fat. Small incisions are made on problem areas of the
      body and a burst of energy is concentrated to break down the fat. Once the fat
      liquefies, it is aspirated using standard liposuction tools. According to
      studies Captain
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      , laser-assisted liposuction produces the same
      results as the standard procedure. Side effects generally include some swelling,
      bruising, burns and little bleeding.


      In ultrasonic-assisted liposuction, ultrasound is employed
      instead of laser. The objective is the same, i.e., to liquefy fat to make it
      easier to aspirate. Some fatty areas can be difficult to remove and this is
      where the procedure comes in handy. The fat is also removed in a single session
      and the procedure does not disturb or damage surrounding blood vessels and
      connective tissue.

      Ultrasonic liposuction requires small incisions to be
      made on problem areas. A probe is then inserted into the incisions and
      maneuvered while generating sound waves. Once the fat has liquefied, it is
      removed using gentle suction.


      Suction-assisted liposuction is the standard procedure
      followed globally. It involves incisions and the use of small non-mechanized
      cannulas. The cannulas are attached to a device similar to a vacuum which a
      doctor manipulates to shatter fat cells. Once the cells have broken
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      , the fat is sucked out.


      Power-assisted liposuction relies on a mechanized cannula to
      aspirate fat. This means that it is more efficient and completes the process

      Twin cannula-assisted liposuction

      Twin cannula-assisted
      liposuction follows a similar process as the standard procedure but uses a pair
      of cannulas, one to aspirate the fat and the other to simulate a surgeon's
      stroke. Labor is, therefore, reduced and since the cannulas don't heat up, there
      is a lower instance of burning and scarring.

      Not everyone is a candidate
      for liposuction. Good health is, naturally, a basic criterion but too are other

      • Patients should be over 18 years old since growth can nullify
      the contouring effects of liposuction.

      • People suffering from medical
      conditions like
      epilepsy Matt
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      , heart problems, blood irregularities and disorders
      can experience adverse effects.

      • Pregnant women and lactating mothers
      aren't eligible to undergo the procedure.

      • Obese individuals expecting
      to shed many pounds are advised against the procedure. Rather, liposuction is
      best suited to patients looking to shed fat that's about 25 percent more than
      their Body Mass Index.

      • People allergic to certain chemicals, especially
      lidocaine, can't undergo the procedure as it's a standard drug used for local
      anesthesia. When it comes to living in assisted facilities, if it is for the
      seniors, one must very careful while choosing an apt source. Usually assisted
      living facilities in Birmingham are for the
      seniors Mike
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      , it serves those who are having a difficult time
      doing the things one needs to do on daily basis. Many are under the impression
      that families who are getting away from their responsibilities of taking care of
      their loved ones are opting for such facilities. However, this is not the case
      with all the people, at times, especially with those who work and spend most of
      their time outside their home; they cannot take as much care of the senior in
      the home as is required. Trusting them with no one back home is a risk no one is
      willing to take. Therefore, by all means, the right thing at times is to find a
      facility where they are monitored throughout the day and night. As much as it is
      not what some children want to do for their parents, there is not always a
      choice left in front of

      Therefore Julius
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      , it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that a living
      facility is most certainly a suitable option for the seniors, ones who need
      round the clock attention as well as assistance. When family members are unable
      to provide this to the senior, this facility comes as a saviour in disguise. The
      children become the caretaker of their parents, and due to some restrictions,
      they find living facilities as a suitable option. There are cases where seniors
      find difficulty in bathing, walking or even eating, and such are the cases that
      most need care and
      attention Devin
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      , which is duly taken care off by these assisted
      living facilities.

      Since most people who come to Birmingham assisted
      living facilities are in their retirement years, they can find many things to do
      in such facility. In fact, there are activities that can cheer up the seniors
      and help them pass their time without much difficulty. Yes, they would be
      missing their families, but. Cheap
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