Upfront payment for non-fiction books?

      Upfront payment for non-fiction books?

      Hi all,

      I am new here, and somehow already disappointed... I have several non-fiction books available in many online shops. I uploaded them myself there, at no charge at all. I do edition and file conversion myself.

      Now I find that if I want to publish non-fiction at XinXii I have to pay 9.99 upfront??? Can somebody justify this? I tried to look for some explanation or clarification in their web, without success...

      Can I publish a "finished" ebook (without their "conversion service") and spare the 9.99?

      Hello Alberto,

      As long as you publish your books in the category of "Belletristic", you should be able to do it without any fees. If you decide to publish in any other category, i.e. 'science', you are obliged to pay a fee.

      Whenever you upload a file and want to publish it, you will be asked for the category. Also there you will see if there is a charge to pay or not.

      I hope, I could help you a bit with my comment.

      Have a great day,