Greetings Earthbeings

      Greetings Earthbeings

      Just wanted to be the first to post in English!

      Wishing all Xinxii authors and self-publishers a great Winter Solstice holiday and unconditional love and success for 2014 - and for the eternal now, of course. And the same wishes extended the noble Xinxii team who I know through 6th sense are going to reply to queries even faster in future! Just teasing - these forums are to take the weight off their backs - okay, just teasing again.

      PS: why aren't there any smilies on this site?
      Now that's what I call service :busy:

      However, I'm still waiting for a reply from distribution - almost 48 hours now - re uploading a revision. Read on:

      There are a couple of places the FAQs need to be updated:

      1: it's stated in the FAQs that one can upload a revision by going to "Edit", but in fact there's no option to delete the files already there, or to upload a revision.

      2: I quote from a previous email of 7th November re a contradiction in the FAQs:

      How long does it take my eBook to show up there after I upload it on XinXii?
      We reflect the shipping date in your XinXii Dashboard (see "All Uploads Distribution Status""). Once we ship your eBook to a retailer, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days before it appears on their digital shelves.

      How do I check to see if one of the eBook retailers is carrying my eBook?
      We will provide this information on your dashboard (see: "All Uploads"). Please note, that it take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks to appear at a retailer.

      "A few hours to a couple of days" is very different to "a few days to a couple of weeks"! ;)

      PS: another suggestion - I'm full of it today! - how about Xinxii branching out in 2014 and doing Print On Demand? Currently there are only US
      companies providing this service along with distribution channels - or at least as far as I'm aware - while the UK printers I've researched are
      very expensive in comparison, plus can't provide even minimal distribution. I've just started with CreateSpace - I currently have proofs of 3 titles in the post to me (the postage costing way more than the titles as I'm in the UK) - and of the 2 titles I've already received the proofs of, 1 was very poor: the volume was unevenly cut, half of the pages were wonky, and the middle section is already falling out! Had there been a European option I would have definitely gone for it, even had it been slightly more expensive. There must be close to as many European author/self-publishers as there are American, thus I would have thought that there's a large untapped market here for a European company.
      Tai - I'm in Canada, and am using Createspace from Amazon for my first novel. Have had over a hundred copies shipped to me so far - from the US - and quality of all is excellent. Costs me about $5.50 for each book, including shipping. I'm listed at $13.99 on their site, but have sold a lot to friends locally for $10. Right now more interested in publicity than profit. Only regret is that they don't publish in Canada, as I have to pay a few dollars brokerage fee on each box.
      PaulKater & Ravenswiew - apologies for not replying sooner. I've been unable to log-in due to bizarre phishing URLs, but this time around I didn't get any.

      Re Lulu, I researched them and found them more expensive than CreateSpace.

      I now have 4 of my 5 eBook titles out in paperback via CS, the 5th should appear at any moment. But I totally blew any chance of Christmas sales as I transferred my eBooks from Amazon KDP to Xinxii just at the wrong time, while I was simultaneously trying to get all 5 out as paperbacks too. The colour of one paperback cover I designed wouldn't convert from RGB to CYMK, and redesigning a new cover, along with my Adobe Acrobat crashing cost me two crucial weeks. But lesson learnt: never try to handle 10 titles simultaneously, and particularly when some are part of a series which means Volumes 2 & 3 can't be advanced until the Volume 1 cover problem has been sorted!

      Wishing you both a very successful 2014 - I have a good feeling about 2014! :thumbsup: