How are people selecting the various prices?
      Right now I'm at $2.99 US on Amazon Kindle, since I think that's a good price point.

      Do you pick a euro price then do the conversion to other currencies and adjust those prices?
      Is 2.99 euro a good price point for european books?
      Pricing is always difficult. Don't underprice your work, don't overprice it. Up to 50.000 words should be fine at US$2.99. Upto 100K would go up to $3.99, and over that you can ask $4.99.

      PROVIDED that your work is edited, has a good style, you ran a spell checker, your story is consistent and you have a decent cover.

      €2.99 for Europe should be okay, but remember that people use the internet. $2.99 = €2.20 (about, almost). They will see what you ask elsewhere.