Formatting for upload

      Formatting for upload

      Published this in another topic, but may be more fitting here.

      Are there any guidelines as to what formatting is preferred for the best conversion result?

      I've uploaded to Smashwords, after basically simplifying the font selections and adding a TOC manually. Their process gave me feedback on errors too, which helped get a clean copy. In addition, I could review the finished copy. From what I can see here in the FAQ, looks like just upload a .doc file and the conversion happens.

      Related to this, XinXii package promises an ISBN number, but need it to add to book copyright page before I upload. Anyone figure out how to get this?
      We have another concept than Smashwords:

      On XinXii all conversions are done manually by our distribution team to ensure a high-quality; we accept doc, PDF, ePub and mobi files. To help the authors to improve their skills, we have published a formatting guide in German. The "XinXii Style Guide" will be soon available in English, too.

      To your last question: During the upload process, the ISBN will automatically be linked to your e-book and added on the copyright page by our team during the validation.